БВИ (bvi) wrote,

Раскопай чужих подвалов...

Наткнулся в сети на упоминание об интересном американском авторе Шеридане Саймоне. Астрофизик и преподаватель, он оставил любопытнейший след и в научной фантастике: At the same time, lie wrote science fiction stories (some published under a variety of pseudonyms) and five novels. He brought all three areas of expertise - astrophysics, computers and science fiction writing - together to serve as a consultant to other science fiction writers, helping them to create scientifically valid alternate worlds, and using his own computer to produce color images of his fantastic worlds. He created over one hundred planets for dozens of appreciative writers. Hugo Award winner Lawrence Watt-Evans dedicated his science fiction novel, Nightside City (1989), to Sheridan.

К сожалению, не нашёл в сети упоминаний о его романах и псевдонимах.

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